International Association of Educators for World Peace
  Mission & Objectives
Our Mission

Deeply concerned over the non-violent approach through education in its broadest sense, the International Association of Educators for World Peace (IAEWP) urges the creation of a new breed of scientists, philosophers, parents, students, all educators, and especially leaders who are inspired with the vision of restoring world peace.

IAEWP's mission is to contribute to the improvement of man's ability to live at peace, to educate world citizens for peaceful co-existence and cooperation so that all people may have free access to the achievement of science and civilization.

We plan to set up a countervailing force to war, to marshall those forces for peace that now lie latent in every human heart. With the unique participation of enlightened and determined citizens, we can initiate and further promote those projects and activities needed to light up the pathway to world peace. Our major focus will be to plan ventures in international cooperation that would emphasize technology as it can benefit the entire human race and as the alternative to war.

IAEWP was founded in Oslo, Norway in 1970, by a group of educators who are socially conscious and shared the same vision and concern over the increasingly violent culture worldwide.

IAEWP is now has chapters in over 100 countries, with consultative status at many United Nations agencies and since 1987 is a designated Peace Messenger of the United Nations.


checkmark to promote international understanding and world peace through education; 
checkmark to protect the environment against all forms of pollution; 
checkmark to safeguard the Universal Declaration of Human Rights; and 
checkmark to promote nuclear disarmament and demilitarization

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